Why should you join the Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF)?

The Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF) is an international association of independent specialty law firms which devote the majority of their practice to patent law, trademark law and copyright law. Memberships for AIPF are through law firms and not individuals, except in the case of the following:

  • Emeritus members (i.e. individual attorneys who have retired from member firms)
  • Individual corporate attorneys and/or clients who source intellectual property related services
  • Academic memberships for law professors, students, and others in the legal education community

Membership provides access to programs specifically designed to develop, facilitate and implement initiatives that strengthen the capabilities of our members as practitioners and leaders of their firms. At the same time, we actively promote to corporations, industries, other professionals and law schools the clear business advantages of working with our membership.

AIPF Membership Application Form

Membership Benefits

Members get access to AIPF’s external and international network of in-house and IP counsel, managers, business owners and member firm attorneys as well as the following:

  • AIPF Brand of Excellence®
  • Member referrals
  • Member-hosted web-based and teleconference programs with a majority of the audience consisting of in-house counsel and IP managers from  Fortune 500 companies
  • CLE educational programs
  • Member-hosted live events and industry focused programs discussing subjects of high interest to IP professionals
  • AIPF website reporting on new membership benefits, marketing opportunities, upcoming events and programs, latest developments in the law and in the business of law practice management
  • AIPF IP Law Bugle® monthly newsletter featuring US and international law updates and member accomplishments

Annual Membership Dues (Prorated from January 1)*

 Solo to 3 Attorneys$300.00 USD 
 4 to 7 Attorneys$600.00 USD 
 8 to 15 Attorneys$1,500.00 USD 
 16 to 25 Attorneys$2,500.00 USD 
 26 to 35 Attorneys$3,500.00 USD 
 36 to 50 Attorneys$4,000.00 USD 
 51 to 100 Attorneys$5,000.00 USD 
 100+ Attorneys$6,000.00 USD 

*Membership is by firm not by individual*