Brand of Excellence®

The AIPF Brand of Excellence┬« will stand for law firms that care about being well run organizations committed to continuing improvement in order to serve their clients better and their own professional satisfaction. It will also extend services to specific needs and personnel in the member firms. It will help its members address business and management issues that are specifically relevant to patent/IP firms, including:

    • Law practice management and leadership programs for managing partners,
    • Business and operations for administrative partners/CFOs/executive directors,
    • Technology developments for IP partners/directors,
    • Professional development programs with training programs for associates and/or train the trainer programs for professional development/mentoring program partners/directors,
    • Marketing and sales practices and issues for marketing partners/directors, and
    • Recruiting, retention and diversity for recruiting partners/HR directors/diversity managers. Member firms would be required to attend a certain number of programs each year.

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