2016 AIPF Annual Meeting

The AIPF 2016 Annual Meeting was held on September 14 to September 16 at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, MA.

"The Challenge to Change: IP Firms in the 21st Century" provided attendees with a well-rounded conference focused on the latest legal and business management topics.

Legal Topics
  • Singing Different Tunes: Voices From Industry on Specific IP Challenges and Solutions
    • MJ Edwards, IP Counsel, Gilead Sciences, USA
    • Vince Egolf, IP Counsel, Perrigo Company, USA
    • Sam Korte, Assistant General Counsel - IP, Garmin International, USA
    • Brenda Leeds Binder, Director Legal Affairs, IP, Suncor Energy, Canada
    • Ken Porter, Vice President, IP Management, Innovate Calgary, Canada
    • Moderator: Jeremy Lawson, Partner, Patent Agent and Engineer, Robic LLP, Canada
  • Post-Grant Procedures - Where do Things Stand for Patentees and Petitioners
    • Andrew Crain, Partner, Thomas Horstemeyer, USA
    • Jason Mudd, Shareholder, Erise IP, USA
    • Moderator: Brett Lunn, Managing Partner, FB Rice, Australia
  • Recent Developments in Patent Eligibility
    • Diallo Crenshaw, Partner, Sughrue Mion, USA
    • Gene Quinn, Patent Attorney and President, IPWatchdog, Inc., USA
    • Moderator: Howard Bernstein, Sughrue Mion Ret., USA
  • Better, Faster, Cheaper: How Internet Surveys are Changing IP Litigation Strategy
    • Robert L. Klein, Chairman and Co-Founder, Applied Marketing Science, USA
    • Moderator: Robert Thornburg, Patent Attorney and Shareholder, Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, USA
  • The Australian Experience of Publicly Listed IP Attorney Businesses
    • Brett Lunn, Managing Partner, FB Rice, Australia
  • Vention - Star Wars Collection Published
    • Vince Egolf, IP Counsel, Perrigo Company, USA 
  • It Ain't Over Till It's Over - A Guide to Continuation Patent Practice Around the World
    • Chris Agrawal, Partner,  Bookoff McAndrews, USA
    • Alexander Ortlieb, Patent Attorney, Trademark and Design Attorney, Maiwald Patentanwalts, Germany
    • Stephen Yang, Managing Partner, Chofn IP, China
    • Moderator: Carlos Olarte, Partner, Olarte Moure, Colombia
  • Ethics: Conflict Resolution in the Patent Arena
    • Professor David Hricik, Professor of Law, Mercer Law School, USA
    • Moderator: Robert Thornburg, Patent Attorney, Shareholder, Allen Dyer Doppelt Milbrath & Gilchrist, USA
  • Trademark Session: Contributory Trademark Infringement
    • Professor Jasmine Abdel-Khalik, Professor of Law,  University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law, USA
    • Moderator: Cheryl Burbach, Partner, Hovey Williams LLP, USA
  • Multi-Party Infringement of Method Claims
    • Robert Frank, Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart, USA
    • Felix Klopmeier, Managing Partner, Lang & Rahmann, Germany
    • Moderator: Allan Colquhoun, Patent Agent, Elan IP, Canada
  • IP Aspects of the TPP (and Other Trade Agreements)
    • Brett Lunn, Managing Partner, FB Rice, Australia
    • Thomas Kurys, Partner, Dimock Stratton, Canada
    • Tatsuya Sawada, Patent and Trademark Attorney, Partner, Director of International Department, Sugimura International, Japan
    • Moderator: Jonathan Rangel, IP Litigation Manager, Dumont Bergman Bider & CO, Mexico

Brand of Excellence Topics
  • The New IP: Intelligent Pricing
    • Patrick Johansen, CLM, CPP, Patrick on Pricing, USA
    • Moderator: Eric Marzluf, Partner, Caesar Rivise, USA