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The 2021 Annual Meeting will dive deep inside the workings of an IP boutique firm. How do firms determine who will make partner and how they are compensated? What are firms doing to ensure appropriate succession plans? What are the ethics regarding attorney moves and mergers? These and other front-of-mind, but rarely addressed, topics will be analyzed and discussed, as well as ethical and practical issues when working with and hiring foreign counsel and third-party vendors. The agenda will also feature relevant topics in IP law, and will be comprised of informative lectures, panel discussions, and interactive workshops.


Thursday, September 23, 2021

8:30 am ET - 9:00 am ET Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite breakfast or a glass of wine if you are in Europe. Start the day with sharing your ideas about the new "normal" after Covid-19.

9:00 am ET Welcome Remarks Christopher Agrawal, AIPF President, Partner, Bookoff McAndrews, United States

9:10 am ET - 10:00 am ET Leading an IP Boutique Law Firm

10:15 am ET - 11:15 am ET IP Boutique Law Firm Compensation Structures

11:15 am ET - 12:15 pm ET Mentoring IP Lawyers

  • Nathan Adler, Attorney, Christensen & Jensen, United States
  • Moderator: Jenny Colgate, Member, Rothwell Figg, United States

2:00 pm ET - 3:00 pm ET JUNIOR ASSOCIATES SESSION: What Makes a Successful Associate

  • Cheryl Burbach, Partner, Hovey Williams, United States
  • Jennifer Bailey, Shareholder, Erise IP, United States
  • Matthew Stark, Partner, Price Heneveld, United States
  • Moderator: Eric Marzluf, AIPF Past President, United States

3:00 pm ET - 4:00 pm ET JUNIOR ASSOCIATES SESSION: How to use professional associations to further your career, build a network, and grow your business

4:00 pm ET - 5:00 pm ET Grab a Cocktail for the Virtual Meet & Greet. *There is a designated section for junior associates to network.

Friday, September 24, 2021

8:30 am ET - 9:15 am ET Grab a cup of coffee and your favorite breakfast or a glass of wine if you are in Europe. 

9:15 am ET Remarks Lynn Jordan, AIPF Vice President, AIPF Annual Meeting Chair, Partner, Kelly IP, United States

9:25 am ET - 10:15 am ET Coming & Going - Lawyers Departures, Arrivals and Mergers

10:30 am ET - 11:30 am ET Succession Planning - Preparing the Next Generation of Your IP Firm

  • Danielle Hall, Executive Director, Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program, United States
  • Moderator: Jacqueline Nguyen, Attorney, Bookoff McAndrews, United States

11:30 am ET - 12:30 pm ET Competing with the Big Boys: In-house Perspectives on Choosing to Work with IP Boutiques in an Age of Increasingly Large Law Firms

  • Kirk Goodwin, Chief Patent Counsel, Whirlpool, United States
  • Diane Hamer, Head of Business & Legal Affairs, Brand Protection, BBC Studios Limited, United Kingdom
  • Courtney Laginess, Assistant General Counsel, FIS, United States
  • Thara Russell, Senior Manager, Patent Counsel, Capital One, United States
  • Moderator: Mark Houghton, CEO, Patent Outsourcing Limited, United Kingdom

12:30 pm ET - 1:00 pm ET Virtual Networking 

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