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The 2020-2021 Board of Directors has been elected! To view the full elected Board, visit the Board of Directors webpage.  To view the 2020 Annual Meeting recording, please click here.

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The 31st Issue of the IP Law Bugle has been published! Don't miss the latest member firm news, newest member blog posts, and more!

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This will be a panel discussion concerning the pricing of legal services. Topics will include the process for determining [...]

COVID-19 has forced firms, courts and tribunals into pivoting into whole new ways of practicing law. E-litigation is here  [...]


With the COVID-19 pandemic getting more and more serious, known drugs are being heavily tested aiming to find  [...]

This roundtable will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted  AIPF member firms around the world and what steps [...]

Like any business, law firms are susceptible to the unexpected - natural disasters, security breaches [...]

This webinar aims to provide a deeper sense on the developments of prosecution for pharmaceutical patent [...]

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