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2014 Annual Meeting

The AIPF 2014 Annual Meeting took place from September 28-30 at the Washington Plaza Hotel in Washington, D.C. The conference, entitled “IP Boutiques at the Crossroads of Legal Expertise and Client Value,” provided attendees with a well-rounded conference focused on the latest legal and business management topics.

Topics includeD:

From Leapfrog to Livescribe to Your Eyes Only: A Journey of Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Jim Marggraff, Eyefluence and Livescribe, United States

The Patent Pendulum: Navigating Challenges, Uncertainty and Lack of Uniformity

  • Gene Quin, IPWatchdogUnited States

Non-Traditional Marks

  • Catherine Bergeron, Robic, Canada
  • Lynn Jordan, Kelly IPUnited States
  • Felix Klopmeier, Lang & Rahmann, Germany
  • Brett Lunn, FB Rice, Australia
  • Tatsuya Sawada, SUGIMURA, Japan

Exploring Ethical Patent Licensing 

    • Phillip Shaer, Conversant IP Management, Canada

Update from the USPTO

    • Mark Powell, United States Patent and Trademark OfficeUnited States

Generation Ys and Millenials

    • Matthew Yeazel, Anne Arundel CollegeUnited States

Ethics and Money

    • David Hricik, Mercer University College of LawUnited States

Walk a Mile in Our Shoes

    • Vincent Egolf, Perrigo CompanyUnited States
    • Kirk Goodwin, Whirlpool CorporationUnited States
    • Sandy Grimm, BI-LO & Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.United States

AIA Pioneers

Erika Arner, Finnegan, Henderson, Farrabow, Garrett & Dunner, United States
Jennifer Bailey, Erise IP, United States
Martin Zoltick, Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck, United States

Small Firm, Big Client

    • Sandy Grimm, BI-LO & Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., United States

Design Patents and Utility Models: A Comparison of IP Coverage in Key Countries

    • Karla Islas, Dumont, Bergman, Bider & Co., Mexico
    • Korbinian Kopf, Maiwald Patentanwalts GmbH, Germany
    • Brett Lunn, FB Rice, Australia
    • Tatsuya Sawada, SUGIMURA, Japan
    • Francisco Silva, Silva & Cia, Chile
    • Andrew Taska, Sughrue MionUnited States
    • Stephen Yang, Peksung, China

“Who Cares” The Congressional View of Intellectual Property and the Future of Patent Reform

    • Charles Sauer, The Market InstituteUnited States

Ambush Marketing in the Context of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

  • Cristina Guerra, Guerra IP, Brazil

The year's schedule also included several presentations that are part of the AIPF's Brand of Excellence program. These topics focused on the management, development and marketing of specialized IP law firms.

Brand of Excellence

Social Media for the Attorney: Is it Worth Your Time? Ways to Maximize Your Use of and Presence on Social Media

    • Renee Quinn, IPWatchdog,United States

Blogging for Lawyers: Getting Started and Making it Work

  • Gene Quinn, IPWatchdog, United States

The Must Have Apps for IP Lawyers

    • Todd Van Thomme, Price HeneveldUnited States

Beyond Solutions: How Wisdom Selling Wins

    • Tasneem Goodman, Akina Corporation, United States

Paper and Pen Note-Taking Presents Limitations in an Increasingly Digital World

    • Jim Marggraff, Eyefluence and LivescribeUnited States

Listen to Clients to Adapt to the New Legal Marketplace

    • Tara Weintritt, Wicker Park GroupUnited States

Brand Your IP Firm

    • Tery Isner, Jaffe PRUnited States
    • Lynn Jordan, Kelly IPUnited States
    • Erik Pelton, Erik M. Pelton & AssociatesUnited States

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