Why should you join the Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF)?

The Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF) is an international association of independent specialty law firms which devote the majority of their practice to patent law, trademark law and copyright law. Memberships for AIPF are through law firms and not individuals, except in the case of the following:

  • Emeritus members (i.e. individual attorneys who have retired from member firms), and
  • Academic memberships for law professors, students, and others in the legal education community.

Membership provides access to programs specifically designed to develop, facilitate and implement initiatives that strengthen the capabilities of our members as practitioners and leaders of their firms. At the same time, we actively promote to corporations, industries, other professionals and law schools the clear business advantages of working with our membership.

To be eligible for AIPF Membership, the applicant law firm must specialize in Intellectual Property Law according to one of the following criteria:

  • At least 50% of the firm's attorneys are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office or before their home country's Patent and Trademark Office, OR
  • Although 50% of the firm's attorneys are not registered to practice before their Patent and Trademark Office, the firm devotes a majority of its practice to Intellectual Property Law.

Benefits to member firms and individual attorneys include:

  • Access to the Association's external network
AIPF facilitates access to an international network of in-house IP and patent counsel, business owners and member attorneys. 
  • Member-hosted and industry focused programs
Members develop programming and host webinars on subjects of high interest to in-house counsel, patent, trademark, copyright and licensing portfolio managers.
  • Access to the Association's website
An important resource with links to member firms, blogs, and updates focused on legal and business developments that affect the IP legal community.
  • Access to the Association's shared knowledge base
AIPF provides a forum for IP law firms to address issues that specifically relate to the practice and business of IP law, including:
    • Programs to enhance members' legal skills and industry knowledge,
    • Opportunities to exchange information about patent, trademark, copyright law and related topics with experts drawn from a global faculty,
    • Business management skills and resources,
    • Best practices and resources to improve operations and efficiency, management, technology, diversity, training, professional development, recruitment, retention and performance management, and
    • Business development and client relationship management.
  • Referrals
Member firms regularly refer matters to other members.
  • Annual Meeting
An opportunity for networking and education with presentations specifically focused on issues of interest to IP business and law practices. Highlights of our Annual Meetings include:
  • Corporate, in-house, and international speakers,
  • Legislative and global updates, and
  • AIPF's Boutique Practice Committee programs.

Complete your membership application online or submit this form to apply for AIPF Membership.

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