IP Law Bugle

The IP Law Bugle is a bi-monthly newsletter dedicated to showcasing international news and articles about IP law, practical notes for IP practitioners, and the latest updates and accomplishments from member firms. It is compiled by the Boutique Practice, Trademark and Patent Committees, and includes anywhere from three to eight  substantive articles per edition, allowing members to share information and "trumpet" their knowledge and expertise to other members and outside subscribers.

Submit an Article

AIPF encourages the submission of articles from member firms and attorneys that bear directly on the topic of intellectual property (i.e. trademark, copyright, patent), as well as issues or concerns affecting practitioners and IP law. 

Submissions must be made electronically via e-mail to the Executive Office at admin@aipf.com with the subject line "IP Law Bugle Submission". Articles should contain a minimum of 200 to 300 words. 

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