If you are interested in joining a committee for 2019-2020, please select this link and indicate which committee you would like to join. You may also indicate whether you would like to join more than one committee. Deadline for 2019-2020 committee enrollment is Thursday, November 14, 2019. You will be notified of your appointment shortly after the committee selection process is complete. Committees are open to members only.

Boutique Practice

"The Boutique Practice Committee is central to AIPF’s mission of helping member firms share best practices for operating boutique IP firms.  Our committee is looking for member attorneys who are enthusiastic about learning and sharing technologies and developments that can help IP firms operate more effectively and efficiently.  Participating in this committee is a great way to share with member firms while also getting ideas to improve your own practice.

Throughout the year, we will continue to develop quality content regarding the business, operations, and practice issues unique to boutique IP firms.  Consistent with the theme of our committee, we operate on efficient 30-minute monthly conference calls, and periodic ad hoc updates regarding current events and content.  All committee members are encouraged to participate and contribute to content creation, as well as help plan for our annual meeting."

-Christopher Agrawal, Boutique Practice Committee Chair


"The Membership Committee receives and reviews applications for membership, sends out applications for membership, communicates with prospective members and supplies recommendations to the Board of Directors relating to prospective members."

-Jeremy Lawson, Membership Committee Chair


"The Patent Committee tends to activities related to international patent practice, from both a prosecution and a litigation perspective. Its mission is to deliver webinars, articles and sessions at our Annual Meeting conference of high quality for the benefit of our member firms and other attendees or readers.

As an IP specialized association, the AIPF is dedicated to showcasing the depth of expertise of IP Boutiques with respect to patent matters. Our patent-related events aim to provide IP practitioners with comprehensive materials relevant to their expert practice."

-Matthew Stark, Patent Committee Chair


"The Trademark Committee seeks to provide updates on trademark law.  We address trademark protection and enforcement issues in various jurisdictions in order to identify differences and common grounds.  We meet by conference call once every two months and our goals for the coming year include holding three webinars or virtual roundtables, and publishing three short articles.  We welcome trademark practitioners that can bring updates and ideas on the practice of trademark prosecution, enforcement and litigation."

-Bibiana Agudelo, Trademark Committee Chair

Annual Meeting Project Team

The Annual Meeting Project Team coordinates sessions for the AIPF Annual Meeting. The team consists of  representatives from the Boutique Practice, Patent, and Trademark Committees. AIPF encourages members of AIPF to submit comments and potential ideas for future sessions to

-Lynn Jordan, Annual Meeting Project Team Chair

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