Any attorney from a member firm is eligible for committee membership. If you are interested in participating on a committee, please contact the committee chair or the AIPF Executive Office at or 1-201-308-6948.

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting Project Team coordinates sessions and manages AIPF's Annual Meeting.

Chairs: Jennifer Bailey, Erise IP, and Lynn Jordan, Kelly IP

Boutique Practice

The Boutique Practice Committee, formerly known as the Brand of Excellence Committee, tends to activities related to our mission of supporting the unique needs of IP boutiques around the world. Topics of interest to this committee are:

  • Law practice management and leadership programs for managing partners,
  • Business and operations for administrative partners/CFOs/executive directors,
  • Technology developments for IP partners/directors,
  • Professional development programs with training programs for associates and/or train the trainer programs for professional development/mentoring program partners/directors,
  • Marketing and sales practices and issues for marketing partners/directors, and
  • Recruiting, retention and diversity for recruiting partners/HR directors/diversity managers.

Chair: Christopher Agrawal, Bookoff McAndrews PLLC


The Membership Committee receives and reviews applications for membership, sends out applications for membership, communicates with prospective members and supplies recommendations to the Board of Directors relating to prospective members. 

Chair: Brian Ainsworth, Price Heneveld


The Patent Committee tends to activities related to patent practice. This brand-new committee has been created to manage events relating to all aspects of international patent practice from both a prosecution and a litigation perspective.

Chair: Isabelle Girard, ROBIC


The Trademark Committee tends to activities related to trademark practice. This committee will tackle events relating to all aspects of international trademark practice from domain names to descriptiveness vs. non-descriptiveness.

Chair: Bibiana Agudelo, OlarteMoure & Asociados

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