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Save the Date!

AIPF 2017 Annual Meeting
September 13 to 15
Marriott Fisherman's Wharf Hotel
San Francisco, CA 94133

Trademark Virtual Roundtable
Dealing with Descriptiveness and Non-Descriptiveness Refusals in Trademark Applications
Trademark Committee
March 28, 2017 at 11:30am EST
Details and Registration

Which Way to Go? The Pros and Cons of the Two-Track System
Jiangcheng Jiang, Peksung Intellectual Property
In China's patent system, there are two available routs for enforcing a patent. This is the so-called two-track system in which a patent owner, when encountering infringement of it's patent, can opt to file a complaint with a local government body responsible for patent administration matters in the area (usually named a local intellectual property office). Otherwise it can file a lawsuit with a court of justice.

Pro Bono Representation in Brazil
Guerra IP
The Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) finally approved the text of its new Ethics Code that deals with pro bono representation, which is exercised in Brazil for many years now, but had not yet been regulated by the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association. According to the text approved by the Federal Council, pro bono representation is defined as providing legal services free of charges, occasionally and voluntarily for entities dedicated to social, communitarian and philanthropic services and also to individuals that cannot afford to hire a lawyer.

Concurrent Jurisdiction of Brazilian Courts in Contract Disputes
Guerra IP
During a judgement of Ordinary Appeal no. 114/DF, filed by MTD Engenharia Ltd. against the Reupblic of Argentina, held on June 2, 2015, the Fourth Panel of the Superior Tribunal of Justice (STJ) reiterated that Brazilian courts have concurrent jurisdition to prosecute and judge causes accuring from contracts with clauses electing privileged jurisdiction. STJ ruling recognized concurrent jurisdiction held by Brazilian courts in the instant case, because the contract disposed that implemantation of its obligation (building of the new headquarters for the Argentinian Embassy in Brasilia) should take place in Brazil.

Price Heneveld LLP Announces the Addition of Jason L. Budd, Of Counsel 

Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 13, 2017. Price Heneveld LLP, a Grand Rapids boutique intellectual property law firm, announces the addition of Jason L. Budd as an Of Counsel attorney. Jason Budd is a registered patent attorney and has previously practied law with the firm as an associate from 2005 to 2011. Jason has extensive experience in all aspects of intellectual property litigation...



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