Annual Meeting

Chair: Brett Lunn, FB Rice
Members: Ricardo Antequera, Jennifer Bailey, Yasin Bismilla, Jeremy Lawson, Carlos Olarte, Robert Thornburg, Pei-Ru Wey

  • Develops topics, invites speakers and sponsors, coordinates sessions, and manages the AIPF Annual Meeting

Brand of Excellence®: Business Management for IP Law Firms

Chair: Christopher Agrawal, Bookoff McAndrews
Members: Alvaro Bonilla, Philip Furgang, Daniela Gonzalez, Eric Marzluf, Maria Clara Munera, Tony Sabeta, Eugenio Torres
  • Identifies topics and produces seminars, webinars and roundtables dedicated to issues unique to the operation and management of boutique IP law firms. 

IP Law Bugle®

Chair: Matthew Stark, Price Heneveld
Members: Alex Agudelo, Chintan Desai, Liliana Galindo, Felix Klopmeier, Hande Mumcuoglu, Juan Felipe Acosta Sanchez, Mervyn Valdares

  • Compiles and prepares law news and articles produced by members, as well as practical notes for IP practitioners for the AIPF bi-monthly newsletter. The IPLawBugle® includes anywhere from three (3) to eight (8) substantive articles per edition which allows members to share information and "trumpet" their knowledge and expertise to other members and outside subscribers.


Co-Chairs: Brian Ainsworth, Price Heneveld
Members: Howard Bernstein, Laura Collada, Cristina Guerra, John Kaddu, Diallo Crenshaw, Christian Thomae
  • Receives and reviews applications for membership, sends out applications for membership, communicates with prospective members and supplies recommendations to the Board of Directors relating to prospective members. 


Chair: Laura Winston, Kim Winston
Members: Cheryl Burbach, Sebastian Gonzalez-Yanes, John Heinbockel, Isabella Herrera, Isabelle Jomphe, Lynn Jordan, Erik Pelton, Nicholas Santucci, Martin Viefhues
  • Develops programming in conjunction with member firms and corporate counsels on contemporary issues important to trademark professionals.


Chair: Blair Barbieri, Hovey Williams
Members: Crissa Cook, Camila Cooper, Matthew Leaper, Carlos Parra, Alexandra Steele
  • Develops topics, invites speakers, and coordinates webinars of high interest to IP professionals.

Any partner or employee of a member firm is eligible for membership on these committees. If you are interested in participating on a committee, please contact either the committee chair or the AIPF Executive Office at or 1-201-308-6948.