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2016 October IPLawBugle®

October 2016 Bugle Editorial Staff
  Jaimie Bordman
Save the Date! Samuel Burkholder
AIPF 2017 Annual Meeting Chintan Desai
San Francisco, CA 94133 Amanda Dittmar
  Mary Flanagan
AIPF News  Felix Klopmeier
IP Law Updates Cristina Mihalceanu
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  Ricardo Pinho
  Matthew Stark
  Mervyn Valadares

Recent Law Change Concerning Chinese Patent Infringement Disputes: Interpretations (2) of SPC
Hui Wang, Partner and Patent Attorney at Chofn IP
December 7, 2016 at 12:30PM EST
Details and Registration

Save the Date!
AIPF 2017 Annual Meeting
September 13 to 15
Marriott Fisherman's Wharf Hotel
San Francisco, CA 94133
Details and Registration

Protecting Graphical User Interfaces
Guangyu Zhang, Peksung Intellectual Property
A graphical user interface (GUI) refers to an interface presented as a graph or image in a display which links to an operating system. A user can perform an operation by clicking the graph or image in the interface. A GUI is protected under copyright and unfair competition law, and was...

'Cause They Never Go Out Of Style: Why Musicians Are Registering More Trademarks Than Ever
Erik M. Pelton, Erik M. Pelton & Associates and Elizabeth M. Dukette, Pence Law Library
What do Taylor Swift, LL Cool J, Steve Miller, and Jennifer Lopez all have in common? Despite occupying different genres and decades of music, these music icons are all part of the recent trend in the music industry to apply to register trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office...

Business Opportunities In Brazil Require Caution
Guerra IP 
Brazil's current economic situation increased the number of foreign companies looking for opportunities to merge and acquire Brazilian companies. In addition to complying with the competition rules provided for by Brazilian law and monitoerd by CADE, interested parties must also pay attention...

Price Heneveld LLP Announces the Addition of Senior Patent Counsel, Ginta D. McNally 
Ginta McNally is a registered patent attorney with a wide range of intellectual property experience. She has represented Fortune 100 Companies, large privately held companies, small businesses, and individuals. She has extensive experience in patent, trademark, trade dress, and unfair...

Price Heneveld LLP Announces the Addition of Senior Patent Counse, Phoebe P. Bower 
Phoebe Bower has extensive experience in all of intellectual property procurement, counseling, enforcement and licensing. She focuses her practice on patent matters, including drafting and prosecuting utility patent applications, preparing advisory and clearance opinions, managing patent portfolios...


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