2020 Writing Competition

AIPF congratulates Peter L. Brewer, Thrive IP, on winning the 2020 Writing Competition! The competition was open to employees of AIPF member firms. Submissions were to display original thinking in an area of intellectual property of the author's choice. His article submission, "Bumping Into Your Own Prior Art," is available online (link here).

“Despite the very complex topic, the article is very well structured, gives answers to pretty complex issues (i.e. is not just limited to stating what the law says already) and doesn’t get lost anywhere in the discussion. Peter also adds a lot of strategic advice and I must say that his article might help to prevent that clients lose patent protection inside or outside the US because of bad publication strategy and planning.”

“Overall, as a patent prosecutor I found the article an enjoyable read.”

Rules for details on eligibility and submission requirements are available here. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the prize was shifted to an expenses paid trip to the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Sponsored by the Association of Intellectual Property Firms (AIPF)

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