Patent Protection and Administrative Enforcement in China

  • September 26, 2016
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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Dr. Weili Ma

Partner, Patent Attorney, Chofn IP


China has risen to become the United States’ second largest trading partner, and the largest outside of the North American Free Trade Agreement area, providing new business opportunities for U.S. companies. In 2010, the United States exported nearly $113 billion of goods and services to China, up nearly 33% from 2009.1 As U.S. companies look to take advantage of the growing U.S.-China commercial relationship, U.S. rights holders are increasingly seeking to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights (IPR) in China. Ensuring that China’s IPR regime works in a fair, transparent, and timely manner for U.S. rights holders is a top priority for the U.S. Government.


Mrs. Ma Weili began to work in the patent area as an IPR manager at Siemens China in 2005 and received IP training from Siemens CT IP (Munich) in the same year. Before joining Chofn in 2014, she worked for eight years at two other renowned IP firms, NTD Patent & Trademark Agency Limited and Panawell & Partners, LLC. Mrs. Ma Weili is experienced in representing local and international clients in respect of patent drafting, prosecution and post-grant proceedings. Having an intimate knowledge of substantive matters and procedures related to US and European patent laws, Mrs. Ma readily provides details of patent portfolios in Europe and US. In addition, Mrs. Ma was invited to lecture at a conference on World Intellectual Property Day in Germany for patent protection in China.

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