The XYZ's of 3D Scanning: Making Reality Virtual

  • October 26, 2016
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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Michael Raphael

Founder and CEO, Direct Dimensions, Inc



The technology for 3D scanning and 3D imaging has evolved dramatically over the past 20 years. Today there are dozens of different scanning technologies, scores of different scanning systems, and hundreds of amazing scanning applications. Scanning has become critical in the fields of aerospace, automotive, architecture, art, forensics, medicine, military, even Hollywood movies.  As the demand for 3D content grows to leverage technologies like 3D printing and virtual reality, 3D scanning will play an increasingly important role in the digitization of real world objects, buildings, people, and other things in our physical world.  Using a series of compelling case studies, this presentation will highlight the evolution, current capabilities, and future possibilities for understanding the potential of 3D scanning.  Discussion will also include background and observations on the business of 3D scanning and clues to leveraging the explosion in the industry as well as other downstream design, analysis, and 3D visualization demands including some potential legal ramifications.


Michael Raphael started in 3D in 1985 as a metrology engineer responsible for solving aerospace manufacturing problems. He helped develop and became the first user of a revolutionary new portable 3D tool called the FaroArm. In 1995 Michael left aerospace to start Direct Dimensions as a “one-stop shop” for 3D scanning, imaging, and metrology services. For over 20 years, Direct Dimensions has expanded significantly and provides some of the most comprehensive arrays of 3D scanning and modeling solutions for the widest range of applications and industries. Today Direct Dimensions employs over 25 technical and professional staff and has performed 1000’s of amazing 3D scanning across all industries from aerospace, automotive, art and architecture to museum, military, medical and movies. Michael graduated from Virginia Tech with BS degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics in 1985, followed by a Masters of Engineering Administration from George Washington University in 1990.

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