Challenges for IP Boutiques in the Recruitment and Retention of Personnel in the Millennial Age

  • March 27, 2018
  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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Challenges for IP Boutiques in the Recruitment and Retention of Personnel in the Millennial Age

Speaker: Andrea Gerosa, Founder and Chief Thinker, ThinkYoung

Moderator: Ricardo Enrique Antequera, Partner, Antequera Parilli & Rodriguez

Hosted by the Boutique Practice Committee


It has become increasingly important for employers to understand the dynamics of the job market and career expectations of the younger generation. Today's youth often prioritizes self and social development, with money and responsibility as a secondary concern.

As money can be a less significant motivator, employers are faced with the challenges of finding young talent who may be motivated by other factors when considering a career. This often results in a skills mismatch at the vertical and horizontal level.

This program will focus on:

  • Challenges with recruiting and retaining young people (i.e., “millennials”) into IP firms;
  • Steps that IP firms can take to appeal to younger and newer attorneys;
  • Possible gaps between the younger generations’ perception of skills versus the employers’ perception of skills;
  • Efforts to bridge the skills gap between positions available and the current pool of prospective employees;
  • Remedies companies and firms are taking to mitigate the effects of younger employees leaving firms; and more!


Andrea Gerosa is an entrepreneur, working with and for startups and young people since 2002, starting at university when he joined the junior enterprise network.

Today he´s the founder of a think-tank on millennials (, a consulting company focused on student housing (, and a series of schools for young entrepreneurs ( Recently Andrea have been appointed to the to the Advisory Board of INTA, the New York based International Trademark Association ( and to the Executive Board of Rentxpress SA, an online agency that enables travelers to rent luxury plug & play accommodation all around the world ( to advise them on youth related issues.

Andrea holds a Business administration degree from the Università Bocconi in Milan and another on Corporate Finances from the London School of Economics.

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