Ambush Marketing and Right of Publicity During Major Sports Events

  • December 06, 2018
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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  • Gonzalo Ruiz, International General Counsel and Consultant
  • Marisol Angelini, Board of Directors, Bush Brothers & Company
  • ModeratorRicardo Enrique Antequera, Senior Partner, Antequera Parilli & Rodriguez


It has become increasingly important for advertisers and legal practitioners to understand the importance and the legal distinction between acceptable marketing practices and prohibited ones.

Promotional strategies devised by non-sponsors of events usually have to navigate the complex waters of capitalizing on popular events, without infringing on official sponsor’s rights.

This program will focus on:

  • Definition of ambush marketing,
  • Accepted practices vs. prohibited ones,
  • Decision-making process for advertisers and legal counsel departments when considering sponsorship a major sports event,
  • Practical cases of ambush marketing practices in major recent sporting events such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup,
  • And, more!

Gonzalo Ruiz  is an award-winning and well-recognized in-house legal counsel with over two decades of global legal and business experience carrying high-profile roles at The Coca-Cola Company and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Gonzalo has gained comprehensive business acumen and an outstanding cultural awareness partnering closely with Senior Business Executives and cross-functional Leadership Teams across multiple jurisdictions.

Marisol Angelini is an energetic global business leader who thrives on challenging environments and has leveraged marketing to grow businesses consistently and sustainably in global companies across many distinct settings. She currently serves on the board of Bush Brothers, a +100 year-old family enterprise which markets the leading branded beans in the USA. In that role she has been advising on succession plan for the CEO and the leadership team, the digital transformation of the business, and a revamped and innovative product line up. Prior to Bush Brothers, Marisol was the the Vice President of Global Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company.

Ricardo E. Antequera is a senior partner at Antequera Parilli & Rodriguez, Ricardo Enrique has extensive experience in the strategic evaluation of comparative protection allowed by the Copyright,

Trademark, and Patent Law, for the effective management of Intellectual Property portfolios across Latin America. His areas of practice cover licensing, defensive proceedings, annulment, cancellation, and entertainment law.

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